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    Oliver Thewalt

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    Simulated Reality Hologram Matrix State Space

    Introducing quantization directly on the spacetime level via Einstein-Maxwell gravitoelectromagnetic total spin-stress pressure energy (mass) density tensor Hilbert (4D ± 4Di) hologram interference field stationary state domain of universal wave function. S-matrix in-states/out-states eigenvalue range, features (moment of inertia x angular velocity) SO(1, 3)ij self-adjoint operator integrations, generating Dirac-Noether conserved angular momentum observables in material coordinates.

    Fundamental quantum continuum equation returns gravitoelectromagnetic spectrum photon SO(1, 3)yy principle spin axis eigenvalues in units of Maxwell stress tensor pascals. New origin of electron-positron wave-particle mass-charge via energization of SO(1, 3)zz principle spin axis angular momentum, invariant throughout inertial dynamics of electromagnetic and gravitational fields being inversely compressive/dispersive of cosmological constant vacuum energy density tensor pressure, according to principle quantum number n.

    Fourier inverse transform frequency domain basis, for time domain continuous creation (continuous automorphing) evolution operator spacetime events of the continuous now.

    In thought experiment test vs. general theory via pp-waves microlensing problem, wherein light-to-light gravitational attraction is four times matter-to-matter attraction, hypothesis predicts null microlensing result in area general theory known to break down on microscopic scale.

    MindPapers 8.3a. Consciousness and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics preprint of manuscript (July 2010 version) introduces idealism mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics: http://consc.net/mindpapers/8.3a

    Quasi-intelligent design (i.e., idealism) holographic principle energy, entropy, information equivalence formulates alternative to "thinking" {SU(n) + string/M-theory} virtual particle kinematic Lie algebra, hidden string-membrane (i.e., materialism) entities.

    2006 version is Maplesoft Application Center featured paper: http://www.maplesoft.com/applications/ Lemniscate de Bernoulli cubic-radian unit cube symmetry illustrates 2π is more fundamental constant than π.

    2010 Maple10 worksheet performs a "click-through calibration check" constructive proof for 2011 version: http://www.maplesoft.com/applications/view.aspx?SID=95142Energy is calculated the same way as probability and mass, by integrating a density function throughout a volume. A one second period photon must then return an eigenvalue of exactly 6.62606896 10−34 Joule, as can be verified.

    2011 version of this paper was assigned reviewers by Foundations of Physics. However FOOP rejected it on account of one reviewer stating it's "too hard/impossible to understand." Maybe so, paper points out most fundamental global physics problem is between MATERIALISM vs IDEALISM Copenhagen Interpretations.

    Wherein MAINSTREAM MATERIALISM interpretation, assigns all physical properties to zero dimensional point virtual-particle kinematics, of unobservable string-membrane dimension vibrations...actually making an elimination of variables proof all observable physical properties must then be emergent of the conscious-participant part of the quantum mechanical observer-participant experiments...validating exactly the MINORITY IDEALISM interpretation: Planck, "We can not get behind consciousness", Bohr "There is no quantum world", Born, Wheeler, Zeilinger, Goswami, Chopra, et al.

    Limit to self-realization of cosmic consciousness knowledge: We are that we are.