Vision of Beﻉθaoooabitom

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    By Administrator

    After scrying the sigil of ב from the DOMARVM MERCVRII side of LIBER XXII, I created this animation.

    Each size of circle represents a different prime number, the smallest red circle is 2, then 3, 5, 7, etc. Their diameters are relative to each other; i.e. the 3 circles have a diameter 50% larger than than the 2 circles. The lowest point is zero, the highest point increases up to the number 661. The lowest point of each circle represents a number of which the prime is a factor. The lowest and highest point are zero and infinity, which are factors of all numbers. These are the fixed and volatile mercury.

    There are four phases to the animation, in the first we see the creation of the numbers at its source, seemingly random shells thrown off from the outpouring, this could continue forever without repeating a pattern. We then zoom out to see the whole of what has been created, we see the lines of increase and who they become contained in the grand circle which connects the beginning and the end. The shells then begin to taken back up into the volatile point, which then returns back to the number one where there is no division.

    The name in the title is pronounced "beoth-a-o-a-bitom", the ﻉ is arabic and the θ is greek.