Project Icarus Fundraising

[ Our Story ]

Project Icarus is an International Interstellar Spacecraft Design Team. Our project started in September 2009, as a volunteer project conceived as the successor to British Interplanetary Society's influential 1978 Project Daedalus.

As such, Project Icarus - Son of Daedalus is a modern engineering design challenge for a fusion propelled based robotic spacecraft capable of exploring a solar system within 15 light-years from Earth.

You can donate and read more about us at

[ What You Get ]

$5 - You have contributed towards interstellar exploration.

$10 - You have made an impact on the future of mankind and will be noted on our website.

$20 - Your name will be noted on our website as a Gold donor.

$50 - Honorable Mention on our website by name at the 100 Year Starship Symposium.

$100 - Honorable Mention at 100YSS and you will receive an exclusive A3 poster of the Daedalus or Icarus Spacecraft, courtesy of Adrian Mann (

$500 - At this donation level you will become eligible to receive our bimonthly internal progress newsletter "The Icarus Pulse", which contains team news, recent publications, Icarus design milestones and news on technological innovations leading to interstellar flight. You will also receive an exclusive A2 poster of the Daedalus or Icarus Spacecraft, courtesy of Adrian Mann (

$1000 - You will be invited after review to become a Friend of Icarus. You will be included in internal discussions on the direction of the design project. Friends of Icarus are considered active participants in our research project.

$5000 - Instant Friend of Icarus status and invitation to the Board of Advisors of Icarus Interstellar. This makes you a Steward of Icarus. You will have a voice in our design directions and fund-raising opportunities in the future.

[ Other Ways You Can Help]

There are many ways you can help. Interstellar exploration is an extremely difficult undertaking and we need all the help and inspiration we can get. If you think you can help - you can!

- Do you have a degree or skills relating to space exploration? Become an Icarus designer!
- Do you have a large circle of friends in social networks? Tell them about us - any contribution to our cause will help!
- Subscribe to our mailing list at
- Join our Facebook group at

Star Trek inspired us to reach for the stars. To become the ultimate explorers of our universe. We want that dream to become a reality for ourselves and our children. It only takes a few good people with bright ideas... But we need to start now!

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