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    • Oliver Thewalt

      The transition between matter and energy

      PreludeFor some reason, it seems that there cannot be just „nothing“, in a philosophical and physical view of existence.  “Nothing” not in the sense given by Lawrence Krauss, but in the sense of the opposite of “something”. If there is no “som...

      Tags: phases-of-matter, energy-phase, zeta-function-riemann, zero, quantum-gravity, black-hole, bruce-giblin-catastrophe

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Zero is not a constant - discussion in Group Grand Unification Theories in Physics - Facebook

        This is an excerpt of a discussion in the Facebook Physics Group "Grand Unification Theories in Theorectical Physics" (GUT Group) in Facebook. The discussion was about the question, whether the zero is a constant.   Students there tended to the opinion, the zero would be a constant.I ...

        Tags: zero, constant, nothing in physics, temperature below zero kelvin, zero in physics, zero in mathematics, jonathan vos post, zero space, upper and lower boundary of zero, absolute zero in quantum vacuum

        • Oliver Thewalt

          Zero in Physics

          The Zero in PhysicsZero in physics is a quantum threshold between existence and non-existence which is basically the "same", but distinguishable by the speed of light threshold (BH to photon mediation for particles (QCD): - infinity  to + infinity is the range for zero, existence means  ...

          Tags: zero, physics, black hole state, navier stokes superfluid, dimension, black hole, einstein relativistic quantum vacuum, photonic black hole mediation, neutrino, string vacua, mathematics, ads5 phase space

          • Oliver Thewalt

            FTL World View by a Quantum Non-Quantum Threshold

            Summary for Students and CEOs There is no zero as such, when you want to explain phenomena which have no direct "FTL" connection, you may apply time dependent models, for instance when you explain the physics for car driving this is sufficient, but when you want to explain phenomena like gravity...