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    • Oliver Thewalt

      The journey to the other side of absolute zero

      Absolute zero is the temperature (-273.15C) at which all motion in matter stops and is thought to be unreachable. But recent experiments using ultracold atoms have measured temperatures that are, in fact, negative in absolute temperature scale. The journey there, however...

      Tags: zero, temperature, energy, negative absolute temperature, kelvin, infinite temperature, onsager, spintronics, atomtronics

      • Oliver Thewalt

        The transition between matter and energy

        PreludeFor some reason, it seems that there cannot be just „nothing“, in a philosophical and physical view of existence.  “Nothing” not in the sense given by Lawrence Krauss, but in the sense of the opposite of “something”. If there is no “som...

        Tags: phases-of-matter, energy-phase, zeta-function-riemann, zero, quantum-gravity, black-hole, bruce-giblin-catastrophe

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