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      Water has a Brain and is able to operate motors

      #Water has a Brain and is able to operate motors (german) Water can save information! #information #science #hixgrid #xprmnt

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        Water could hold answer to graphene nanoelectronics

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          Physicists discover new quantum state of water

          Tags: water, quantum physics, quantum state, chemics, atomic structure

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            Quantum Physics Makes Water Different

            Tags: quantum physics, water

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              Note by Michael BalmerWe can look at hydrogen from two prospectives,one in Chemistry and one in Physics,two aspects of the same element (chemistry) atom (physics),the structure of course is the same,one electron and one proton,so what is the difference,applications of study is to put simply altho...

              Tags: hydrogen, michael balmer, proton, neutron, antiparticle, antineutrino, h1 isotope, h2 isotope, neutron decay, water, oxygen, henry cavendish, antoine lavoisier, 1783, robert boyle