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    • Oliver Thewalt

      What is mass in view to energy - The Problem with the conservation of energy on a universal scale

      The problem with conservation of energy on a universal scale turned out to be a tautology, it depends on the definition, but matter and energy, or in those (gauge) concepts, mass and energy are not well defined concepts, because it is decisive to understand, what is mass in view to energy, in a n...

      Tags: conservation of energy, conservation laws, noether theorem, emmy noether, noether current, noether charge, time crystal, jonathan vos post, lie group, symmetries, time crystals

      • Oliver Thewalt

        About Time Crystals - A Messenger Lecture

        This post serves as a "proof" because some people, like staff of the Ministry of Economics in the Saarland (Germany, Saarbrücken), not all of them, but some, pretend that my assertions in physics would not be "proven", some are still not officially  accepted, but this is  just a ma...