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      Mathematics and the Holographic Universe

      Are we able to develop holographic mathematics to describe the holographic universe?Is holographic mathematics able to describe quantized processes?Can we set quantized markers to reidentify time periods (entropy) like neuronal quantized fingerprints?Is the Einstein-Space a special case in the ho...

      Tags: holographic, universe, mathematics, einstein, einstein-space, matter, complex numbers, space, time, entropy

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        What is time?

        by unknown author.It is commonly asserted that in general relativity there is no absolute simultaneity. On the other hand, it is asserted that, based on the traveling time of light, we see the Sun as it was 8 minutes ago and the Andromeda nebula as it was 2.5 million years ago. This seems to conf...

        Tags: time, manifold, einstein, general relativity, poincaré

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          Michael Balmer's notes: Time until Matter

                       Time until Matter,a very strange thing to say,even more so when in a crowded room and even more so not being the topic of the conversation, but here it is the topic,even still way say it.               since Tim...


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            Special and General Relativity are meeting the quanta

            Open Thread  Keywords: #STR, #GTR, #Violation of #Einstein's  #Principle of #Equivalence  (#WEP and Strong), #Antimatter #Matter #Dark Matter, Foundation of #Pauli's #Exclusion PrincipleSTR (Special Theory of Relativity) indicates  a covariance of time to velocity of...

            Tags: str, gtr, general relativity, special theory of relativity, twin's paradox, time, covariance, quantum mechanics, violation einstein principle of equivalence, wep, strong equivalence principle, antimatter-matter-dark-matter, foundation pauli's exclusion principle, dark energy

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              About the nature of time and time travel

              Think about the nature of time at first! Time is related to motion and duration. There is no time as such, time in the concept that we are used to use it is not existent: clocks are not measuring  time per se. Time is not a dimension.   There is no past, presence or future in...

              Tags: time, time travel. motion, energy, nature-of-time, past, future, presence, energy-and-time, duration, relativistic time, quantizing space-time

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                There is no cause and effect in the real world

                There is no cause and effect in the real world - this is just the same within the quantum flux - there, in the quantum foam, is the causation -  ... it is separated there as existence generator via matter antimatter lensing which is responsible for mass being able to come into existence in ...

                Tags: cause, effect, black hole lensing, mass, gravity, quantum energy states. existence, einstein, time, quarks, inverse connotation, space, quantum vacuum, matter-anitmatter

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                  Why space is not curved - Quantum Energy States as mass in a Schwarzschild Set-off

                          In space, there is even no Euclidian plane, no width, length or height, but Euler-Lagrangian Energy potentials which can be translated by the Euler identity: a better approach for the geodesic effect is matter antimatter charge identity as Quantum Energy States in a di...

                  Tags: quantum energy states, matter-antimatter-identity, cpt-violation, violation einstein equivalence principle, black hole lensing, time, mass, geometry, euler identity, lagrangian potential, di-photon-black-hole conjunction

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                    FTL World View by a Quantum Non-Quantum Threshold

                    Summary for Students and CEOs There is no zero as such, when you want to explain phenomena which have no direct "FTL" connection, you may apply time dependent models, for instance when you explain the physics for car driving this is sufficient, but when you want to explain phenomena like gravity...