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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Comment on "About Cancer"

      apoptosis - kind of body mind side effect with a strong link to radiation and mutation - stop of adaptiveness to happen - cell division , telomer link -- I am sure tumors happen, but they can "un" happen - reverse control ....and it happenedno canaboid needed, you have internal opiate

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Comment on "About Dengue and Zika, Vaccination and Dengue test"

        They want to sell this dengue test,and it says nothing ... I have seen people, that were diagnosed with colonic c...p://


        • Oliver Thewalt

          Lieber Herr Professor

          ------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht --------Betreff: Re: Fwd: Prozesssache *************...gegenüber mal ausdrückte, "just out of my mind" entwickelt, habe, wobei diej...urde mir von anderen Professionellen meines Fachs zumindes...

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          • Oliver Thewalt

            Mind Anarcho Capital - Phase Transition by research and mind technology transfer

            a phase of initiation - preparation for Anarcho Capital, thanks, Geor...rictions in order to free the mind and enable outstanding research and technology transfer - the technology itself which is suppose...the technology itself by our minds -  therefore we need n...

            • Oliver Thewalt

              Research and Technology Transfer

              Hixgrid is a Technology Incubator for Research & Development Transfer by the concept of Mind Anarcho Capital.   In orde...ors to merge by including the technology to be researched in its own birth process: the mind set of participants in this t...

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                @Pol that is also the reason - we should keep in mind this - why we will never understand nature by ratio or mathematics -

                • Oliver Thewalt

                  Cancer: mind & environment induced quasi inflammatory metastatic states on qLevel

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                • Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

                  Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

                  Cancer can be looked upon as a Host Cell Revolution after a Body Mind Interference by an Auto Immune Response via a Virus which is like Mess...ase is not helpful: what is missing is it to understand that there are mind a...

                • Theoretical Physics for new energy - IT - Energy Cluster

                  Theoretical Physics for new energy - IT - Energy Cluster

                  A Sun on Earth approach for nucelar Fusion ist about research and fund...ssion is enabling information technology and the energy sectorhttp://h...ssion-is-enabling-information-technology-and-the-energy-sector(5...cs and technology transfer by minds and talents