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    • Oliver Thewalt

      About Existence

      Existence is not as such, phases of existence and non-existence or mass and particles, and in time dependent model spin, charge and oscillation for the foundation of Pauli's exclusion principl...

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      • Oliver Thewalt

        Inertia is within the antimatter identity and the foundation for Pauli's exclusion principle.

        • Oliver Thewalt

          Foundation Pauli's excl. principle: positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin, oscillation and charge.


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          Project Icarus Fundraising

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          [ Our Story ] Project Icarus is an International Interstellar Spacecraft Design Team. Our project started in September 2009, as a volunteer project conceived as the successor to British Interplanetary Society's influential 1978 Project Daedalus....
          • Oliver Thewalt

            Applied Quantum Electro Dynamics

            This is a thought theory to be discussed - Think Tank and Brainstorming :-) Next Step in semiconductors: magneto-optical >Quantum and Gene computers > fast internet by splitting light into colors > Computing by #QED Space is not empty >space is full of energy >metastructure of sp...

            Tags: qed, quantum electro dynamics, metastructure, blueprint, empty space, quantum computer, gene computer, space drive, 100yss, darpa, icarus, tau zero foundation, daedalus, britisch astronomy society, nasa, cell