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      Physics is not abolishing Religion

      Physics = Religion = institutionalized version of a natural belief in accordance to a...r to sustain life and the descandants of a species .....Those who pretend that physics will replace "religion", make...

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynamics

        Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynamics are more appropriate c...antize space-time at Planck Scale, everything changes.

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        • Oliver Thewalt

          There is no heredity of any disease by genetics

          ..., there is no "heredity" of any "disease" by "genetics", all those terms are inventions by human beings.   It is about protein surface physics, hydrogen bridge bonding...

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Awesome Physics Lectures

            These awesome Physics Lectures are recommended by Physics de Pristine:

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            • Oliver Thewalt

              Bouguer Gravity

              Gravity of the Moon's Crust. These maps of the moon show the "Bouguer" gravity anomalies as measured by NASA's GRAIL...Bouguer gravity is what remains from the gravity field when the attraction of surface...

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                Quote: Torsten P. Kersten:"this chart is the centerpiece of, what they admit. Earthqu...etic Microfracture'.There you are ... a system with charge and flash. Particle Physics. Easy to understand if I tell...



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                  Thanks to Physics de Pristine for the Physics Video Lectures, look at Videos :-)

                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    Physics does not exist but metaphysics - Metaphysics comprises physics, but there is no metaphysics without physics.

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                    • Oliver Thewalt

                      Link between the immune system and the brain - neuro-immune connections

                      Neuro Immune Connections, MMR Vaccine, Autism and a CDC WhistleblowerScientists have revealed many neuro-immune connections, a link between the immune system and the brain. This phenomenon is influencing social behavior.  The CDC has manipulated studies which are clearly indicating that...


                      • Oliver Thewalt

                        Of Facts

                        or why science is not about nature: There cannot be facts in nature, existence needs non-existence, the dote needs the antidote, it is about a transition or phase transition, energy scaling and motion, oscillation, vibration, life ..... noone was asking me why I was citing Gauß? Invarian...

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