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  • The Hunt for Higgs
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    The Hunt for Higgs

    By Oliver Thewalt
    Prof. Jim Al-Khalili presents a BBC Horizon special on the state of the search for the elusive "God particle".
    • Oliver Thewalt

      The 'Miracles' of SuperString Theory

      Arguments from super-gauge symmetries and 'no-miracles' to show, that, up to isomorphism, superstring theory is the only coherent GuT - part 1

      Tags: superstring, string, shiber, supersymmetry, desert problem, yukawa coupling, m-theory, catastrophic hole, bruce-giblin, lie-algebra, gauge group, coleman-mandula-theorem, haag-łopuszański-sohnius-theorem, tangent-bundle, quantum-cravity, gut, grand-unified-theory

      • Oliver Thewalt


         A Fukaya-Categorical Analysis Of The Sasaki-Einstein ‘AdS/CFT’ Holographic Renormalization Of Quantum Gravity