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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Petition Committee Berlin, Deutscher Bundestag - German Parliament

      Pet 4-18-07-99999-045573++ 49 -030 - 227 - 35257Miss Eisenach, Secretary Petition Committee, Deutscher Bundestag, German Parliament, BerlinSehr geehrte Frau Brunk, in Alien 2 gibt so eine Szene, in der Newt, das kleine Mädchen sagt, ihr Eltern hätten ihr erzählt, Monster gäb...


      • Oliver Thewalt

        FTL Quantum Annealing Trading

        When the code would be unbreakable, the Turing machine would never stop. This is why the surface of finite bodies helps to break a NAZI code apply this to the Stock Exchange ...... how to make the "future real" before it happens? By FTL quantum annealing trading?

        Tags: FTL Quantum Annealing Trading, stock exchange, ftl trading

        • Oliver Thewalt

          A Global Trading System based on Trust and self balancing

            A Global Trading System based on Trust and self balancing    Initial Kick Off post /DRAFT version 15. August 2017 Dear friends, our governments have instigated people against each other by a false flag system and classifying and separating us into groups, like communist - c...

          Tags: global trading system, replace money, game theory, economics, prices, price system, adam smith paradigm, john forbes nash, nash equilibrium, nash optimum, quantum computing, quantum annealing, stock exchange, individual preferences, mind capital, big data