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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Strings and M-Theory by Stephen Hawking

      Strings and M-Theory   by Stephen Hawking   In the 1990's the subject formerly known as `string theory' evolved into something else, which has now   become known as `M-theory.' M-theory is a circle of ideas connecting strings, quantum gravity, unification   of forces, ...

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      • Oliver Thewalt

        Wie das Weltbild in der theoretischen Physik von Einstein Dirac und Hawking widerlegt und verbessert wurde

        Ab dem Jahr 2012 fing ich auf konkreter Ebene an, die Weltbilder von Kip Thorne, John Archibald Wheeler und Stephen Hawking über Schwarze Löcher, von Paul Dirac über Antimaterie und Albert Einstein über eine konstante „Lichtgeschwindigkeit“ im Quantenvakuum zu wide...

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        • Oliver Thewalt

          Questions in Physics

          How did Stephen Hawking conclude in the 1960s that there might be a reversal of "time" within the so called BigBang? Can you explain the Chandrasekhar limit of a Star? What "force(s)" might prevent a Star from collapsing due to its own gravity? Is there any link to the crystal lattice of...