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      So You want To Become a Physicist? - ( Version 2.0) von Physics de Pristine This is a compendium of availaible LEGAL avenues of acquiring Knowledge through Lecture notes...

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Strings and M-Theory by Stephen Hawking

        Strings and M-Theory   by Stephen Hawking   In the 1990's the subject formerly known as `string theory' evolved into something else, which has now   b...

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          Mathematics and the Holographic Universe

          Are we able to develop holographic mathematics to describe the holographic universe?Is holographic mathematics able to describe quantized processes?Can we set quantized ma...

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            Applied Quantum Electro Dynamics

            This is a thought theory to be discussed - Think Tank and Brainstorming :-) Next Step in semiconductors: magneto-optical >Quantum and Gene computers > fast internet...

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              First Stars and Reinonization Era

              "Noone has ever been able to define the difference between interference and diffraction satisfactorily. It is just a question of usage, and there is no...

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                Tropical Storm Andrea Forms

                via Weather ChannelNHC: An Air Force reconnaissance aircraft was able to identify a well-defined circulation in the low pressure area over the east-central Gulf of Mexico...

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                • Oliver Thewalt

                  Higgs Field Theory

                  The Higgs is about the formation of elements (thanks Michael Balmer)   N Z/e -> Ve/quark-gluon on e H e + Ve (MSQ) N (MSQ 1) Ze = H DM : Photon (MSQ) + Ve (MSQ...


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                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    There is no biosphere for life - what is life? microorganisms exist in space as well - they can even "consume" aluminium -

                    • Oliver Thewalt

                      Foundation Pauli's excl. principle: positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin, oscillation and charge.

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