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    • Administrator

      Mathematics and the Holographic Universe

      Are we able to develop holographic mathematics to describe the holographic universe?Is holographic mathematics able to describe quantized processes?Can we set quantized markers to reidentify time periods (entropy) like neuronal quantized fingerprints?Is the Einstein-Space a special case in the ho...

      Tags: holographic, universe, mathematics, einstein, einstein-space, matter, complex numbers, space, time, entropy

      • Ionut Dobrinescu

        Deriving the causality of time

          Imagineer's Chronicals Deriving the causality of time << >> Deriving the causality of time | The Imagineer's Chronicles Time holds a unique place in science and the huma...

        Tags: time, space, human, consciousness

        • Oliver Thewalt

          There is no cause and effect in the real world

          There is no cause and effect in the real world - this is just the same within the quantum flux - there, in the quantum foam, is the causation -  ... it is separated there as existence generator via matter antimatter lensing which is responsible for mass being able to come into existence in ...

          Tags: cause, effect, black hole lensing, mass, gravity, quantum energy states. existence, einstein, time, quarks, inverse connotation, space, quantum vacuum, matter-anitmatter