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    • Oliver Thewalt

      IBM research advances device performance for quantum computing

      Tags: ibm, research, quantum computing, decoherence, superconducting josephson junction, weak measurement, qubit

      • Oliver Thewalt

        IBM to Help Research and Develop Exascale Supercomputing Telescope

        Tags: ibm, research, exascale supercomputing telescope

        • Oliver Thewalt

          A Particle Purely Made of Nuclear Force

            Scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) have calculated that the meson f0(1710) could be a very special particle – the long-sought-after glueball, a particle composed of pure force. For decades, scientists have been looking for so-called “glueballs”. Now it seems they have...

          Tags: glueball, nuclear force, quark, strong force, muon, decay pattern, mesons f0(1500), meson f0(1710), strange-quark, anton rebhan, frederic brĂ¼nner, murray gell-mann tu wien, theoretical physics, research, fusion

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Doubts about the validity of cancer research by CRISPR CAS9

            Doubts about the validity of cancer research by CRISPR CAS9 “There is a mentality that as long as it works,we don't have to understand how or why it works" from "CRISPR, the disruptor" in Nature Magazine. hmm, I have doubts about the validity of this research (

            Tags: cancer, research, crispr-cas9, MELK, maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase, MELK inhibitor OTS167, Domain structure of MELK, locations of the sequences targeted by 7 MELK gRNAs