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    • Oliver Thewalt

      QCD - Black Hole link via Ramanujans infinity conjecture and Riemanns Zeta

      Yes, this is what I thought: there is a relation between Ramanujan's infinity conjecture and Riemann's Zeta function (stability constraints for matter by distribution of zero values).   Could this be the Planckian (Schwarzschild Horizon (BH-particle)) offset to energy?     ...

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      • Oliver Thewalt

        A Black Hole state

        by Oliver Thewalt There are no singularities but a tachyonic charge identity, no 3D and time but a Black Hole to photon "bridge" (the better concept than theorizing a speed of light is a speed of light threshold, phases of existence and non-existence or matter and energy), you cannot...


        • Oliver Thewalt

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