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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Quantum Biology - Cancer and quasi inflammatory metastatic states on quantum level

      I think that there is no cancer as such, the approach to treat cancer as a disease is not very helpful: what is missing in western science it to understand that there are mind and environment (also radiation and toxic substances) induced "quasi inflammatory" metastatic states on quantum level ......

      Tags: cancer, quantum biology, metastatic states, quasi inflammatory metatsatic state, quantum level

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Questions in theoretical physics

        What is #imaginary #negative #mass? What are #magnetic #monopoles? What is a #Black #Hole #state? #Why is #antimatter #shielded on #quantum #level?

        Tags: imaginary negative mass, magnetic monopol, blak hole state, antimatter shielded, quantum level, questions

        • Oliver Thewalt

          No Apoptosis on quantum level

          Breaking: Cancer is an invention by Harvard medicsthere are malignant tumors, but this is something different. No outer infinity but an inner n-fractal infinity mediation - no expansion of the universe or why CalTech and Harvard are wrong about Physics and Biology.

          Tags: cancer, dengue, malignant tumor, apoptosis, programmed cell death, quantum level, carl friedrich gauss, protein surface physics, mediation of inner infinity, no prediction of pathogens