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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Comment on "A Cell and the Universe"

      Seems to be a confirmation of Prof. Jacob Schwartz: Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science and founder of the Computer Science department at New Yor...

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        Comment on "Is space-time countable?"

        Scale invariance and shape dynamics for gravity are better concepts: the universe is not discrete, space-#time...n is about a fractal photonic mediation of the "granularity" of the quantum...

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          Conservation of energy is just a tautology

          Mass cannot increase or decrease in nature, this is just a concept by human beings, a...hat you are all stuck with it!Congratulations!Good Work, Mr Einstein!The next computer generation will be about a to...

          • Oliver Thewalt

            About Existence

            Existence is not as such, phases of existence and non-existence or mass an...e same way of saying what we mean by quantum measurement INDUCING existenc...ntimatter or positron is shielded on quantum level (or positive charge ide...states:.. have a look at neutrinos = quantum...

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            • Oliver Thewalt

              IT - Energy Cluster as Compound

              ...based current or decentralize it - and it gives raise to the adiabatic quantum annealing cluster to energy and information technology as a compound. Computer Chips and circuits will be ba...

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Energy and tachyonic states - from the antimatter to the Black Hole identity

                Black Holes are an energy-matter threshold mediated by the photon as a quantum threshold to the antimatter (ch...->Black HolesThe photon is a quantum threshold (Planck, quanta) to...otonic (quanta, Planck, Dirac's quantum foam) mediation of the Planck...e (mass) ..... a mediator for a quantum...

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                • Oliver Thewalt

                  Pizza and simulations vs renormalization

                  Via Lubos Motl, Exactly!"Incidentally, my main problem wit...eation myth involves someone sitting in front of a computer running code? What else do th...cally decrease with time:Right. The "universe as a computer simulation" should be viewed...

                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    Causality and cloning by black holes

                    ...k hole information puzzle big shots met with quantum information folks:Here’ thoughts is the cloning of information in quantum mechanics – which, unde...the idea that a black hole entangled with a quantum computer is equivalent to a (short) wo...

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                    • Oliver Thewalt

                      'Nothing' can be looked upon as an imaginary quantum non-quantum threshold at horizons #phase #transition #space #topology #virtuals

                      • Oliver Thewalt

                        Why is antimatter shielded on quantum level?

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                      • Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

                        Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

                        Quantum Biology - Cancer and quasi inflammatory metastatic states on quantum levelThere is no cancer as such, the approa...ed quasi inflammatory meta static states on quantum level ..... ~Quantum

                      • Theoretical Physics for new energy - IT - Energy Cluster

                        Theoretical Physics for new energy - IT - Energy Cluster

                        A Sun on Earth approach for nucelar Fusion ist about research and funding fraud: http:/...80%93-on-the-trail-of-magnetic-monopoles   (11)  Quantum Space locking for an intergal...alline Phase


                        • Oliver Thewalt

                          Applied Quantum Electro Dynamics

                          This is a thought theory to be discussed - Think Tank and Brainstorming :-) Next Step in semiconductors: magneto-optical >Quantum and Gene computers > fast internet by splitting light into colors > Computing by #QED Space is not empty >space is full of energy >metastructure of sp...

                          Tags: qed, quantum electro dynamics, metastructure, blueprint, empty space, quantum computer, gene computer, space drive, 100yss, darpa, icarus, tau zero foundation, daedalus, britisch astronomy society, nasa, cell

                          • Oliver Thewalt

                            Quantum physics mimics spooky action into the past

                            Tags: quantum physics, quantum teleportation, alice and bob, quantum measurment, bells inequality, quantum computer, qubit

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