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        The Formation of Elements by assigning charge.docx

        ...state is being dissolved by a matter sequence photon that enables a phase transiti...Entity is being formed in the Higgs Field by a photon with a Matter Sequence Code a...a positron that does interact only with an MSQ photon (Matter Sequence). There is n...

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 on testing the assumption that photons are massless raised a few qu...l lensing of light must mean that photons have mass.  After all,...does this have to do with whether photons have mass?  Photons”, you can’t hold a photon in place.  The “li...

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            Higgs Field Theory

            ...of elements (thanks Michael Balmer)   N Z/e -> Ve/quark-gluon on e H e + Ve (MSQ) N (MSQ 1) Ze = H DM : Photon (MSQ) + Ve (MSQ) + N(uncharged/unused) Annihilation: Photon neg. + photon + (via neg spac...


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              A photon walks into a hotel. The hotel receptionist asks: 'Don't you have luggage?' The photon answers: ' I am travelling light!'.

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                Einstein has overlooked a tachyonic charge identity - a Black Hole to Photon "Bridge" - Gluons taping quarks in QCD

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