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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Fractal N-Body N-Shaped Sphere at 0 to N-String Horizons

      The Poincaré conjecture has some prerequisite assertions, like that there is a "surface" (yes, in surface physics there is the mystery, but the main point like in Quantum Biology is not the surface itself, but the bonding and folding (in Biology: hydrogen bridge bonding) or in physics latt...

      Tags: fractal n-body sphere, n-shaped-sphere, 0 to n string horizon, poincaré conjecture, ads black hole, ricci flow, penrose diagram, circle number pi, dimensional transition, phase transition, space topology, manifolds, black hole horizons

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Wie können wir den Energiesektor für neue Technologien öffnen um die Energie- und Stromversorgung Deutschlands zu sichern?

        Die meisten sinnvollen Alternativen für die Energiemärkte als Schlüsselindustrie wurden aus militärisch ideologischen Gründen in den Anfängen versenkt - nach den  Atomwaffentests in den 50er und 60er Jahren kam es zu einem "major tectonic shift" in der &nbs...


        • Oliver Thewalt

          Why nuclear fission is about string vacua folding and topological bonding within a phase transition

          WOW; I Love this post, I just have screend the copy at Linked in and felt excited ......   ",the breakdown of the quark gluon exchange and the electrostatic field is not strong enough against the electric attraction of the quark charges as they approach equilibrium,what this mean...

          Tags: nuclear fission, string vacua folding, topological bonding, charge conjugation, phase transition, neutron particle

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Note about imaginary negative mass in a beyond Dirac world view for higgs string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity- and electron nuclear shell model

            Imaginary negative mass is about the charge identity, an energy set off while "flipping"- it is a virtual quantum energy state not yet condensated in the real world by the Black Hole gluon "interference", swirling the anti gluon color, a dimensional energy transfer (release) to potentially c...


            • Oliver Thewalt

              Why in a beyond Dirac World View the positron is not the anti-electron

              Any thought about QED, QCD, repelling - attraction, String Break? What about the gamma ray (energy) release? #HyperNova implosion <-> #Black #Hole #gamma #quant #radiation

              Tags: neutrino, positrion, gamma ray release, gamma quant, qed, qcd, repelling, attraction, string break, positive charge identity, phase transition, dark matter, no antimatter in beyond dirac world view, anti-hydrogen, electron neutrino, antimatter shielding via neutrino

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Inner infinity notion of existence in n-fractal dimensional transitions at horizons

                In physics, an expression equalling zero means, the equation is "true", but what is Zero, and what is "true"?  Zero is about an inner infinity notion, stretching the lower and upper boundary of zero to (+/-) infinity. It is about the absolute zero of the quantum vacuum.  An equation b...

                Tags: inner infinity notion, n-fractal dimensional transiting, mathematical physics, ramanujan, phase transition, horizons, black hole state, black holes to particle state, schwarzschild horizon, ghost virtuals, topological phase transition, topolocigal folding, energy bonding

                • Oliver Thewalt

                  Why are neutrons not purely fermionic?

                  ~  mass is a unique imprint of an energy folding and bonding in a phase transition within space topology. This post about a quantum non-quantum threshold will redefine transport in space and enable a new kind of technology which is less expensive, less "toxic" and more appropriate for ...

                  Tags: neutron, fermion, boson, phase transition, reduced mass, mass defect, photon, mass, spin, neutrino, p-violation