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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Comment on "About Dengue and Zika, Vaccination and Dengue test"

      They want to sell this dengue test,and it says nothing ... I have seen people, that w...close to an NPP I recommended the BRICS states to phase out all their NPP and select a different energy strategy, and start to phase shif...

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Comment on "Five unsolved problems in Theoretical Physics by Michael Balmer"

        At the Horizons: square root -1 = 0By a visible light world view...threshold of (not 'between') phases of existence and non-exiscte...vent horizon) which induces a phase transition (positive charge the Yang Mills SU (5) AdS5 phase space fields: on the surfaces...allating due to the permanent phase tran...


        • Oliver Thewalt

          Conservation of energy is just a tautology

          Mass cannot increase or decrease in nature, this is just a concept by human beings, and this is why E= MC^2 is ju...od Work, Mr Einstein!The next computer generation will be about a topological phase tran...

          • Oliver Thewalt

            About Existence

            Existence is not as such, phases of existence and non-existence or mass and energy or matter and ghost virtuals tranisting the horizons at BH states in a dimensional phase tran...

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            • Oliver Thewalt

              Hydrogen creation in the Higgs Field

              "We are observing phenomena with a common origin on an imprint in the existence phase of the quantum vacuum which is about a superfluid transiting thro...h means a kind of a dimensional topology and granularity within a phase tran...


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                'Nothing' can be looked upon as an imaginary quantum non-quantum threshold at horizons #phase #transition #space #topology #virtuals

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                  Topological folding & bonding of #Higgs #String #Vacua in #outer #nuclear #shell #model of electron no #Higgs #boson