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      Oliver Thewalt

      About me: Wunderkind Oliver Thewalt   IQ >> 180 Königsbruch 5 D-6...den Inhalt nach § 55 II RStV Oliver Thewalt     Vote for the Nobel Physics | Quantum Biology Thewalt Energy Consulting Economics I...   Twitter...



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        ...nschaftler und Whistleblower (Oliver Thewalt) mit einem autistischen Impr...e Spende dient dem Schutz von Oliver Thewalt (, der für vi...DE55XXX   Kontoinhaber Oliver Thewalt Herzlichen Dank!   Olivier (Thewalt)

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          I am a Wunderkind with an IQ of about 200

          ...networks, especially, and Furt...For your feedback, please write to or via letter to Oliver Thewalt Königsbruch 5 D...your participation and dedication. Oliver Thewalt 16th July 2018  ...

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            Hydrogen creation in the Higgs Field

            ...ass (M) to an unused and uncharged Neutron in the Higgs Field my home town. Please Share and support.   Sincerely Yours Oliver Thewalt


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              Es ist Zeit Forschungsgelder gemäß einer verantwortungsvollen und vernunftbegabten Wirtschaftstheorie in ihre #optimale Verwendung zu lenken

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Reason for measles outbreak is cross species transmission, environmental conditions, interference of immune system

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              • Theoretical Physics for new energy - IT - Energy Cluster

                Theoretical Physics for new energy - IT - Energy Cluster

       Theoretical Physics by Maziar Esfahanian, submitted to Professor Oliver Thewalt   Inner infinity notion of...


                • Oliver Thewalt

                  Hydrogen creation in the Higgs Field

                  "We are observing phenomena with a common origin on an imprint in the existence phase of the quantum vacuum which is about a superfluid transiting through a quantum non-quantum threshold, which means a kind of a dimensional topology and granularity within a phase transition"   The Formatio...

                  Tags: hydrogen creation, higgs field, migration policy, technology transfer, ramanujan infinity conjecture, riemann zeta function, oliver thewalt, michael balmer

                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    Light - bending - gravitational lensing - photon

                    Comment by Oliver Thewalt to this note of Michael Balmer about Light (bending?, gravitational lensing): For my understanding, and I have an idea why you have formulated this great note in this way, we observe gravitational lensing, but (and I know that you know this) the main reason is an intera...

                    Tags: light, light bending, gravitational lensing, photon, mass, quantum vacuum, riemann zeta function, reflection, refraction, michael balmer, oliver thewalt

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