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      About me: ...für den Inhalt nach § 55 II RStV Oliver Thewalt     Vote for the Nobel Prize: Creation of a Hydrogen ATOM in the Higgs Field   We need an international voice for a Nobel Laureate Holder that is able...Brief description: Theoretical Physics | Quantum Biology | Dark Matter Research | Energy Consulting | Creation of Hydrogen ATOM in the Higgs Field >> Vote for Nobel Prize

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        Depolitisierung des Nobelpreises

        ...te Zeit, Crick und Waston den Nobelpreis wegen deren Unfähig...u entziehen. Es ist Zeit den Nobelpreis für die Entdeckung...bsp; It is time to award the Nobel Prize posthumously to Rosalind

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          There is no heredity of any disease by genetics

          ...bout protein surface physics, hydrogen bridge bonding and protein membrane folding in a phase transition.   Why is there no Nobel prize for Biology? Da, Mr Michio Ka...

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            Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 Laser Physics

            Background to the Nobel Prize in Physics - Laser Physics - High Intensity and ultra Short Optical Pulses

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              Wunderkind Oliver Thewalt

              ...essori Pädagogik >>>    Vote for Nobel Prize: The Formation of Elements b...bsp; Creation of Hydrogen ATOM in the Higgs Field.   We need a Nobel Laureate with an internationa...

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                Hydrogen creation in the Higgs Field

                "We are observing phenomena with a common origin on an imprint in the existence phase of the quantum vacuum which i...en this in the wall of the elevator at my current home. In September 2018, The Nobel...


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                  We know for years that #neutrinos have a #mass and a rest mass, but why do the neutrino traps detect less neutrinos than predicted? #nobel


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                    The purpose of the standard model in physics

                    The standard model is for the purpose of maintaining the dominance of materialistic physics and derived technology which below the optimun in order to strengthen the industry and  create a superior military.    The most valuable knowledge for all market participants  is supp...

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                      Rosalind Franklin. It's about time we gave some credit to the mother of the double-helix.   Image Courtesy: Cup of Jane, Facebook

                      Tags: rosalind franklin, photo 51, x-ray crystallograph pattern, x-ray diffraction, double helix, dna, crick, watson, nobel prize

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