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      Fundamental Post concerning the OPERA Neutrino experiment - Potential mistakes in the OPERA Experiment

      Tags: opera, neutrino, cern, quantum physics, mistake, error, lorentz force, relativity

    • Neutrino, measuring the unexpected--IceCube
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      Neutrino, measuring the unexpected--IceCube

      By Oliver Thewalt
      Francis Halzen, IceCube Principal Investigator, explains the search for high-energy neutrinos in this three party story of neutrinos. Produced by IFIC, Directed by Javier Diez
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        Physics professor gets national recognition

        Tags: neutrino, minerva, emily maher, nu tau, donut, tau

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          Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle?

          Tags: sun, neutrino, radiation

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            1 Loop QED Contribution

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              3 Neutrinos squared mass

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                Neutrino Fermi Standard Model

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                  Neutrinos and p-violation

                  Quote: "No one fully understands spinors. Their algebra is formally understood but their general significance is mysterious. In some sense they describe the “square root” of geometry and, just as understanding the square root of −1 took centuries, the same might be true of spino...

                  Tags: neutrino, p-violation, majorana particle, majorana identity, higgs-field, no sterile neutrino, neutrinos not sterile in the higgs field, dimensional transmutation, majorana spinor

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                    The Metaplane within the unobservable universe - Ramanujan and the matter creation process in the Higgs Field

                    Ramanujan did not do the Maths in a western way of thinking - he did not need the interim steps Ramanujan  was asked for a proof, he had none - but he was a Genius, he didn't need a proof, and he was correct.   Physicists of the western hemisphere have objections: "But someone could ...

                    Tags: metaplane, unobservable universe, ramanujan, matter creation process, higgs field, dimension, gauge theory, dark matter field, qcd, electroweak force. strong force, hydrogen, photon, neutrino, mass

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                      Zero in Physics

                      The Zero in PhysicsZero in physics is a quantum threshold between existence and non-existence which is basically the "same", but distinguishable by the speed of light threshold (BH to photon mediation for particles (QCD): - infinity  to + infinity is the range for zero, existence means  ...

                      Tags: zero, physics, black hole state, navier stokes superfluid, dimension, black hole, einstein relativistic quantum vacuum, photonic black hole mediation, neutrino, string vacua, mathematics, ads5 phase space