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      Mathematics and the Holographic Universe

      Are we able to develop holographic mathematics to describe the holographic universe?Is holographic mathematics able to describe quantized processes?Can we set quantized markers to reidentify time periods (entropy) like neuronal quantized fingerprints?Is the Einstein-Space a special case in the ho...

      Tags: holographic, universe, mathematics, einstein, einstein-space, matter, complex numbers, space, time, entropy

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        Hixgrid: Administrator's blog: Mathematics and the Holographic Universe

        Tags: holographic, universe, mathematics, time, brain, complex numbers

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          A Cell and the Universe

          We will never be able to describe the universe in a satisfactory way by mathematics. If this would be possible, human beings wouldn't exist.Quote "Physicist and author Michio Kaku has remarked that M-theory may present us with a "Theory of Everything" which is so concise that its underlying formu...

          Tags: cell, universe, metastructure, blueprint, embedded laws, mathematics, kaku, m-theory, theory of everything, unification of theory, toe

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            A Return To The Invisible College In Science 4a

            Tags: science, mathematics, physics, schwartz, nature

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              The Pernicious Influence of Mathematics on Science

              Tags: science, mathematics, physics, schwartz, nature

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                Mathematics for Physicists

                Real Analysis

                Tags: mathematics, physics

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                  Lectures in Mathematics and Physics

                  MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS ( By Professor Carl Bender )

                  Tags: mathematics, physics, qed, quantum physics, super string theory

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                    Gerard 'T Hooft: How to become a GOOD theoretical physicist

                    Tags: gerard 't hooft, theoretical physicist, physics, mathematics

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                      The Secret Ancient History Of The Higgs Search

                      Tags: mathematics, quintic equantion, galois, higgs boson, higgs, symmetry, group theory, radical

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                        The quest for Dark Matter, Topomatter and Symmetry within Maths and the Higgs Boson

                        Is it possible that our Mathematics is related to white (ordinary) matter/energy especially? Is there a reason outside maths that you cannot solve a quintic equation (x^5) by radicals but by group theory? As this article states, symmetry is the reason! What if dark matter is different there? What...

                        Tags: dark matter, antimatter, topomatter, space topology matter, higgs boson, mathematics, quintic equation, galois, pi, circle number, mathematics is incomplete

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                          So You Want to Become a MATHEMATICIAN?

                          Tags: mathematics, math, physics

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                            So You Want to Become a PHYSICIST?

                            Tags: physics, mathematics

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                              Animated torus #mathematics

                              Tags: torus, toroid, mathematics, animation

                            • Interview at CIRM : Maria Chudnovsky
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                              Interview at CIRM : Maria Chudnovsky

                              By Oliver Thewalt
                              Veröffentlicht am 27.01.2015 Maria Chudnovsky is a professor in the departments of mathematics at Princeton University. She grew up in Russia and Israel, studying at the Technion and received her Ph.D. in 2003 from Princeton under the...
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                                QCD - Black Hole link via Ramanujans infinity conjecture and Riemanns Zeta

                                Yes, this is what I thought: there is a relation between Ramanujan's infinity conjecture and Riemann's Zeta function (stability constraints for matter by distribution of zero values).   Could this be the Planckian (Schwarzschild Horizon (BH-particle)) offset to energy?     ...

                                Tags: qcd, black hole, ramanujan infinity conjecture, riemann zeta, bjorken scaling, dimension, photonic mediator, quantum threshold, mond, dark matter, higgs-field, ramanujan, infinity, mathematics