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      Strings and M-Theory by Stephen Hawking

      Strings and M-Theory   by Stephen Hawking   In the 1990's the subject formerly known as `string theory' evolved into something else, which has now   b...

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        Questions in Physics

        How did Stephen Hawking conclude in the 1960s that there might be a reversal of "time" within the so called BigBang? Can you explain the Chandrasekhar limit of a Star?...

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          Quote: Torsten P. Kersten:"this chart is the centerpiece of, what they admit. Earthquake Precursors and Evidence of Suns impact and triggeringI will put in a note that a....

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            Ionospheric Epicenter - LAI coupling effects

            Fukushima:  LAI Coupling (Litosphere - Atmosphere - Ionosphere Coupling)Sonnenaktiviäten und LAI-Kopplung als Ursache des Reaktorunfalls in Fukushima durch das Tohoku-Erdbeben.Earthquake Precursors and Evidence of Suns impact and triggering



            • Oliver Thewalt

              The scientifically proven link between solar activities and earthquakes

              By Torsten P. Kersten:I can refer to a remarkable list of predictions and results.Again I place the questions:Why do USGS and EMSC not warn the public?Why do they censor essential data?Why do they support people staying in hazardous places?Why do they lie to the public?Why is the scientiffic...

              Tags: solar activity, sun, coronal mass ejecta, earthquake precursors, lai-coupling, ionospheric-quake, cme, geos, ace, electric universe, censorship, earthquake, taxpayer, usgs, esmc, nasa, large proton event

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                Earthquake Precursors and Evidence of Suns impact & triggering

                Tags: earthquake precursors, solar impact, cme, large-proton-event, lai-coupling

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