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      About me: ...blems.   Talent | Epistemology | Curiosity | Passion | Imagination Theoretical Physics | Quantum Biology Thewalt Energy Consulting Economics Information TechnologyPhotonics Facebook...

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        IT - Energy Cluster as Compound raise to the adiabatic quantum annealing cluster to energy and information technology as a compound. Com...vity-state-mediation Why phasing out of nuclear fission is enabling information technology and the energy sec...

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          How you surely can't recover information from a black hole by Lubos Motl (reprint)

          ...t – stored in the up/down information about the spin of a spin-1/2...the black hole may recover the information quickly. In fact, these peopl...the opposite: it makes all the information as inaccessible as you can ge...all the previously accumulated information. If you want to get the actu...

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            Water has a Brain and is able to operate motors

            #Water has a Brain and is able to operate motors (german) Water can save information! #information #science #hixgrid #xprmnt

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              Causality and cloning by black holes

              ...ill describes a recent Stanford workshop where black hole information puzzle big shots met with quantum information folks:Here’s one way is being addressed by these thoughts is the cloning of information in quantum mechanics –...

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