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  • Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

    Cancer Research by Systems and Quantum Biology

    Quantum Biology - Cancer and quasi inflammatory metastatic states on quantum levelThere is no cancer as such, the approach to treat cancer as a disease is not helpful: what is missing is it to understand that there are mind and environment induced quasi inflammatory meta static states on quantum ...

    Tags: Cancer Research, Systems biology, Quantum Biology, apoptosis, protein surface physics, hydrogen bridge bonding, non linear quantum energy, quantum aspect, quantum markers, metastatical stage, homeostasis, quantenbiologie, body mind interference

    • Oliver Thewalt

      Why observations by visible light are misleading and interpretations by p-values are debunked - Inner fractal Evolution Theory

      Observations by visible light are misleading about the attribution of cause and effect, because every microorganism and every particle or human being are unique and partly randomly and because the photon comes "into existence" at Black Hole to particle states (Horizons), this is why conclusions b...