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    • Oliver Thewalt

      There is an equivalence of matter and antimatter in the universe

      Michael Balmer, Quote: ”I am still amazed by the LHC (CERN) and that there is still the mystery of more matter than is just not true,and that there are those that continue to say our universe is positively charged when that cannot be true,all of the existence is based on th...

      Tags: antimatter, matter, cern, lhc, higgs-field, dark-matter, antineutrino, cp-violation, fermions, neutron, proton, hydrogen, anti-proton

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Antimatter Thread Compilation - Discussion at Facebook - Part One

        This is a copy of a post on my wall (Oliver Thewalt) at  Facebook   with comments.Oliver Thewalt mit John W. Rickey und 33 weiteren Personen 26. April 2013 · Saarbrücken ·  Michael Balmer, Quote: ”I am still amazed by the LHC (CERN) and that there is st...

        Tags: antimatter, higgs-boson, anti-proton, equivalence of matter and antimatter, hydrogen, higgs-field, dark matter

        • Oliver Thewalt

          The Metaplane within the unobservable universe - Ramanujan and the matter creation process in the Higgs Field

          Ramanujan did not do the Maths in a western way of thinking - he did not need the interim steps Ramanujan  was asked for a proof, he had none - but he was a Genius, he didn't need a proof, and he was correct.   Physicists of the western hemisphere have objections: "But someone could ...

          Tags: metaplane, unobservable universe, ramanujan, matter creation process, higgs field, dimension, gauge theory, dark matter field, qcd, electroweak force. strong force, hydrogen, photon, neutrino, mass

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Michael Balmer's Notes: Neutron

            Quote from Michael Balmer's Facebook Profile, Note. Structure and geometry of charge distribution[edit] An article published in 2007 featuring a model-independent analysis concluded that the neutron has a negatively charged exterior, a positively charged middle, and a negative core.[64]...

            Tags: neutron, nuclear force, neutron magnetic dipole, neutron charge, dipole moment, molecular structure, James Chadwick, hydrogen, radioactive isotope, quarks, gluons, flavours, qcd, down quark, up quark, neutral chargem swirl, oscillation, charge output

            • Oliver Thewalt

              Hydrogen - by Michael Balmer

              We can look at hydrogen from two prospectives,one in Chemistry and one in Physics,two aspects of the same element (chemistry) atom (physics),the structure of course is the same,one electron and one proton,so what is the difference,applications of study is to put simply although chemistry gives mo...

              Tags: hydrogen, michael balmer, neutron, anti-hydrogen, neutrino, higgs-field, dark matter field

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Quantum Space locking for an intergalactic spin glass highway – a Beyond Silicon Photonics Model for Computing

                ....  Space Topolocical Insulators for an adiabatic energy vector to the Crystalline Phase      We enable “warp drive” for a reinterpretation of transport within space by addressing adiabatic (notion of preexistent states, unobservable universe,  Notes about...


                • Oliver Thewalt

                  What is the life time of the proton

                  by Michael Balmer, Montclair, New Jersey, USA   What is the lifetime of the proton?an interesting question indeed,and it can probably be said that no one knows as fact but are willing to guess and it is for sure they cannot be proven incorrect since no one knows,so everyone give it a try,b...

                  Tags: life time proton, proton half life, meson, pion, decay, proton nucleus, hydrogen, w boson, z boson, neutron

                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged Neutron in the Higgs Field

                    Oliver Thewalt, Saarbruecken, Germany, Michael Balmer, Montclair, New Jersey, USA.   Abstract: We propose a model of dark matter (Ansatz) that is taking up space as atoms in the Higgs Field. We introduce a Higgs that is the mass that takes up space. In the Higgs Field, the neutral state ...