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    • Oliver Thewalt

      IT - Energy Cluster for cavity state mediation

      .../ view – seen from (higgs) string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity-...-world-view-–-seen-from-higgs-string-vacua-foldings-bh-states-bh-identity-and-ele...

      • Oliver Thewalt

        QCD String Break - The Constituents of Existence and the nature of gravity

        Measuring String break should reveal the fractal properties of the phenomenon gravity t...where non-locality and space topology starts - the string vacua and fermion foldings in a fractal phase transition - this is what string break and gravity are aboutYuka...

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        • Oliver Thewalt

          Photon - neutrino - neutron - electron - proton - Higgs - String Theory

          Photons: dimensional mediation neutrinos: mediation of "existence" (to "non-...lements/matter electron: energy bonding protons: energy folding - Black Hol...warzschild horizons) surfaces and states Higgs: formation of elementsString Theory: higgs string vacua fo...

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Oliver Thewalt - About me - short Bio

            Oliver Thewalt, Wunderkind IQ ~ 200TecDriven - Natural Scienc...| Nuclear Physics | Gravity | Higgs-Field Research | Quantum Compu...iew – seen from (higgs) string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity-...neutrinos in the –e +e String field by Ramanujan’s infi...

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            • Oliver Thewalt

              Dark Matter as a topological phase transition in the region of neutrality

              I agree to Feynman student Prof Jonathan vos Post, CalTech, that there is no Higgs Particle, but a topological phase transition within the Higgs String Vacua: The Higgs is related to a negative e string via the electron neutrino - keep apart the electron from proton via Ve in the hydrogen nucleu...

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Black Hole to proton surfaces

                ...ion #invariance   The Foldings can be represented by higgs string vacua foldings within fermions in vi...ase transition. In the higgs string vacua foldings, the Schwarzschild h...observe as pull/push by higgs string vacua via neg. -e space string is a to...

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                • Oliver Thewalt

                  A new CERN experiment targets even higher energies (eventually)

                  Gamma ray release or antimatter, high-energy is about fermion folding within higgs string vacua, antimatter is shielded on quantum level - the assertion that...k Hole is just a tautology... photon + neutrino "enabled" at 0-string h...

                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    Hadron folding and bonding

                    ...quantum level, when does the proton start to annihilate with matter or "antimatter", (proton - >neutron -> neutrino...; phase transition (2D world (string 0 to string fold fract n sheet) at the 0...ial (antimatter)) and at the "string break" this must be a qthreshol...

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                    • Oliver Thewalt

                      Higgs Field Theory

                      The Higgs is about the formation of elements (thanks Michael + photon + (via neg space/string) e (DE)- Z (DM) Z(DM) equals...SQ 1) +Ve (MSQ 1)(matter) via string space (neg charge) -e space Topo Higgs related to neg e string via Ve (keep apart Proton electron) -- Quantum tunneli...




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                        Topological folding & bonding of #Higgs #String #Vacua in #outer #nuclear #shell #model of electron no #Higgs #boson

                        • Oliver Thewalt

                          Aufgabe an Lehrstuhlinhaber für Theoretische Physik: Erläutern Sie mit ihren eigenen Worten den Materieentstehungsprozeß im Higgs-Feld.

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