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      Yes, but is there a violation of the WEP (Weak Equivalence Principle)?   Bend it Like Newton   Yesterday’s post on testing the assumption that photons are massless raised a few questions for readers.  One of the most common was the idea that the gravitational lensing of l...

      Tags: orbits, gravity, newton, wep, einstein, mass, gravitational lensing

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        Ionospheric Epicenter in front of Earthquake - LAIC Process

        Ionospheric Epicenter in front of Earthquake - LAIC Process  -CME, LPE, magnetic resonance

        Tags: Ionospheric Epicenter, . in front of Earthquake, LAIC Process, lai-coupling, CME, LPE, magnetic resonance, gravity

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          The planes of constant t intersect the hyperboloid in 2d spheres.

          Is Spacetime Countable? Written by Sean Gryb and illustrated by Marc Ngui Abstract Is there a number for every bit of spacetime, or is spacetime smooth like the real line? The ultimate fate of a quantum theory of gravity might depend on it. The troublesome infinities of quantum gravity can b...

          Tags: planes of constant t, hyperboloid, 2d spheres, Scale invariance, shape dynamics, gravity, spacetime countable, sean gryb

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            The verification of light not bending is shadows

            The verification of light not bending is Shadows

            Tags: einstein, gravity, light bending, shadows, special theory of relativity, general theory of relativity

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              The Formation of Elements by assigning charge.docx

              Abstract: We propose a model of dark matter (Ansatz) that is taking up space as atoms in the Higgs Field. We introduce a Higgs that is the mass that takes up space. In the Higgs Field, the neutral state of an unused and uncharged primordial neutron as a spatial structure is being crystallized. ...