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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Electron Wave Function

      by Oliver Thewalt   We can look upon the wave function of the electron as a confined helical wave wit...s and are able to oscillate, it is possible that they interact with the vacuum field as...

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        Oliver Thewalt - About me - short Bio

        International Trading /Broker / Quantum Annealing Trading Strategien   Energy C...etical Physics | Nuclear Physics | Gravity | Higgs-Field Research | Quantum Computing...uclear shell model Matter Creation in the Higgs - Field - D...

        • Oliver Thewalt

          Strings and M-Theory by Stephen Hawking

          ...; four-dimensional conformal field theory (CFT). This surprising...appropriate   quantum field theory calculation, they adde...ional theory containing extra fields. The ten   dimensiona...the 4+1-dimensional Einstein equations whose   3+1-dimensiona...

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          • Oliver Thewalt

            Earthquake Precursors and Evidence of Suns impact and triggering

            Quote: Torsten P. Kersten:"It's amazing, how the Quantum Field, we are members of, can work for our mission, GOD gave us. But Yashua HIM. The Holy Spirit can give you all info, which is put in our Field.The...

            • Oliver Thewalt

              Bouguer Gravity

              Gravity of the Moon's Crust. These maps of the moon show the "Bouguer" gravity anomalies as measured by NASA's GRAIL mission. Bouguer gravity is what remains from the gravity field whe...


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              • Oliver Thewalt

                Ramanujan and the matter creation process in the Higgs Field