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    • Oliver Thewalt

      eMail Conversation with Professor Jonathan Vos Post

      eMail Conversation with Jonathan, I have written  this: the reason why I have no work is not that I am lazy,or I am not willing to work,but because my own family has interfered my life and talent,have raped me and done physical harm,have spread wrong rumorsand made me poortried to kill me ...


      • Oliver Thewalt

        About the electric current direction and excitation of molecular states in the Crystal lattice

        Preview, DRAFT  A filament is ultimately glowing due to the excitation of states in the molecular Crystal lattice of the glow wire and not due a theorized electric current direction or any negative potential.       Model for a phase Crystal that mediates a photonic Crysta...

        Tags: phase crystal, photonic crystal, excitation, electric current direction, crystal latice, energy, energy markets, research for energy sources, prodcution facilities