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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Kanarev Electron Model - Physchemistry of Microworld

      Tags: kanarev, electron, proton, angular momentum, planck, constant, physchemistry, microworld

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Michael Balmer's Notes: Radioactivity - Continuation

        Quote from Michael Balmer's Facebook Profile, Note.the discussion of radioactivity ended last with the Nuclear Configuration of 85Sr Strontium as a decrease in the structure resulting in the radioativity of the element/atom, I gather it has been determined the difference in 87Sr and 85Sr,tough it...


        • Oliver Thewalt

          Photon - neutrino - neutron - electron - proton - Higgs - String Theory

          Photons: dimensional mediation neutrinos: mediation of "existence" (to "non-existence) [mass - energy] - phase transition via ghost virtuals at horizons (Oscillation) Neutrons: mass defect - reduced mass - mediation of elements/matter electron: energy bonding protons: energy folding - Black H...

          Tags: Photon, neutrino, neutron, electron, proton, Higgs, String Theory

          • Oliver Thewalt

            The zig-zag road to reality

            Tags: The zig-zag road to reality, penrose, dirac, dirac zig anti zag, electron, positron