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      Mathematics and the Holographic Universe

      Are we able to develop holographic mathematics to describe the holographic universe?Is holographic mathematics able to describe quantized processes?Can we set quantized markers to reidentify time periods (entropy) like neuronal quantized fingerprints?Is the Einstein-Space a special case in the ho...

      Tags: holographic, universe, mathematics, einstein, einstein-space, matter, complex numbers, space, time, entropy

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        What is time?

        by unknown author.It is commonly asserted that in general relativity there is no absolute simultaneity. On the other hand, it is asserted that, based on the traveling time of light, we see the Sun as it was 8 minutes ago and the Andromeda nebula as it was 2.5 million years ago. This seems to conf...

        Tags: time, manifold, einstein, general relativity, poincaré

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          A theory about the cause of gravity

          Einstein was wrong assuming that Gravity is caused by mass - Gravity is caused by a  matter -antimatter energy potential by mass (quarks) in view to the quantum vacuum and vice versa. In order to tell mass from energy in a quantized potential, an observer has to take into account the plane ...


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            Redemption - Science and cultural identity

            We are the ruling species on this planet and bear the responsibility for all inhabitants and this planet?   Do we really take care of ourselves? Are we really ruling this planet? Or is this just our observation?   Are you master of your own brain or is this the unconscious mind? &n...

            Tags: science, education, culture, identity, belief, abuse-of-science, responsibility, scientist, species, race, life, dna, quantum-vacuum. indigenous cultures, microorganism, facts, truth, einstein

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              There is no cause and effect in the real world

              There is no cause and effect in the real world - this is just the same within the quantum flux - there, in the quantum foam, is the causation -  ... it is separated there as existence generator via matter antimatter lensing which is responsible for mass being able to come into existence in ...

              Tags: cause, effect, black hole lensing, mass, gravity, quantum energy states. existence, einstein, time, quarks, inverse connotation, space, quantum vacuum, matter-anitmatter

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                Why there is no zero space in a mathematical sense

                Why there is no zero space in a  mathematical sense - and why mathematics is failing at the physical zero ...   Remember: quasi singularities within particles in conjunction with quasi singularities within black holes (space-time transforms) ..   And this is why Einstein was w...

                Tags: cause of gravity, matter-antimatter lensing, space-lens. physical zero, mathematical zero, einstein, gravity, mass

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                  Some questions about the cause of gravity

                  Questions: 1. Is gravity a force? 2. What do you think is the way mass is coming into existence within the quantum vacuum implying? 3. When you flip the observational plane and think about: What effect has micro gravity for the formation of planets, stars or galaxy clusters? 4. Does a magnet ...

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                    Energy and tachyonic states - from the antimatter to the Black Hole identity

                    Black Holes are an energy-matter threshold mediated by the photon as a quantum threshold to the antimatter (charge) identity-> Particles <->Black HolesThe photon is a quantum threshold (Planck, quanta) to the antimatter charge identity.      Mass is the same as energy depe...

                    Tags: antimatter identity, black hole identity, photonic threshold, quantum threshold, planck density, einstein, mass, energy

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                      FTL World View by a Quantum Non-Quantum Threshold

                      Summary for Students and CEOs There is no zero as such, when you want to explain phenomena which have no direct "FTL" connection, you may apply time dependent models, for instance when you explain the physics for car driving this is sufficient, but when you want to explain phenomena like gravity...