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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Basic Concepts: The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

      1. Information flow and the sequence hypothesis. These diagrams of potential information flow were used by Crick (1958) to illustrate all possible transfers of information (left) and those that are permitted (right). The sequence hypothesis refers to the idea that information encoded in the ...

      Tags: Central Dogma, Molecular Biology, protein, rna, dna, non-coding RNA, ncRNA, d alternative splicing, reverse transcriptase, introns, junk DNA, epigenetics, RNA viruses, trans-splicing, transposons, prions, epigenetics, gene rearrangements

      • Oliver Thewalt


        Rosalind Franklin. It's about time we gave some credit to the mother of the double-helix.   Image Courtesy: Cup of Jane, Facebook

        Tags: rosalind franklin, photo 51, x-ray crystallograph pattern, x-ray diffraction, double helix, dna, crick, watson, nobel prize