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      The Genome's Dark Matter

      Evidence is growing that your DNA sequence does not determine your entire genetic fate. Joseph Nadeau is trying to find out what accounts for the rest. ...

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        Science's breakthrough of the year: The first quantum machine

        December 16, 2010 Until this year, all human-made objects have moved according to the laws of classical mechanics. Back in March, however, a group of researchers designed a gadget that moves in ways that can only be described by quantum mechanics -- the set of rules that governs the behavior...

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          Die wunderbare Welt der Genetik und Molekularbiologie – RNA-Interferenz und Imprinting

          In der Schule wirken Genetik und Molekularbiologie immer so einfach und gut verstanden. Das liegt auch daran, dass man mit den Entdeckungen von Mendel, Watson, Crick und Co nicht nur die Grundlagen sondern auch die Geschichte der Felder nachvollzieht. Die Ergebnisse von Mendel zur Vererbung sind ...

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            Rosalinde Franklin - die wahre Entdeckerin der Doppelhelix-Struktrur

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          • The seesaw magic book: the computational power of DNA molecules
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            The seesaw magic book: the computational power of DNA molecules

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            A whimsical explanation of recent research developing molecular systems that perform information processing tasks. Yes, it's real. No, there's no magic. Reference: "Scaling Up Digital Circuit Computation with DNA Strand Displacement Cascades," Lulu...
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              A simple DNA gate motif for synthesizing large-scale circuits

              Tags: nano, technology, dna, circuit, qian, winfree, molecular system, cell free nucleic acid system, royal society, non-covalent hybridization, rna- and dna-based catalysts, logic gates

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                Scientists discover a surprising new way that protons can move among molecules

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              • Gene Regulation
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                Gene Regulation

                By Oliver Thewalt
                031 - Gene Regulation Paul Andersen explains how genes are regulated in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. He begins with a description of the lac and trp operon and how they are used by bacteria in both positive and negative response. He also...
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                  Redemption - Science and cultural identity

                  We are the ruling species on this planet and bear the responsibility for all inhabitants and this planet?   Do we really take care of ourselves? Are we really ruling this planet? Or is this just our observation?   Are you master of your own brain or is this the unconscious mind? &n...

                  Tags: science, education, culture, identity, belief, abuse-of-science, responsibility, scientist, species, race, life, dna, quantum-vacuum. indigenous cultures, microorganism, facts, truth, einstein

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                    Basic Concepts: The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

                    1. Information flow and the sequence hypothesis. These diagrams of potential information flow were used by Crick (1958) to illustrate all possible transfers of information (left) and those that are permitted (right). The sequence hypothesis refers to the idea that information encoded in the ...

                    Tags: Central Dogma, Molecular Biology, protein, rna, dna, non-coding RNA, ncRNA, d alternative splicing, reverse transcriptase, introns, junk DNA, epigenetics, RNA viruses, trans-splicing, transposons, prions, epigenetics, gene rearrangements

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                      Basic Concepts: The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

                      The demise of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology is becoming an annual event. Most recently, it was killed by non-coding RNA (ncRNA) (Mattick, 2003; 2004). In previous years the suspects included alternative splicing, reverse transcriptase, introns, junk DNA, epigenetics, RNA viruses, trans-s...

                      Tags: central dogma, molecular biology, protein, rna, dna, non-coding rna, ncrna, d alternative splicing, reverse transcriptase, introns, junk dna, epigenetics, rna viruses, trans-splicing, transposons, prions, epigenetics, gene rearrangements, healthcare, microbiology

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                        Information Biology by Quantum Biology - Cancer Research

                        Information Biology bases itself essentially on the origins of Quantum Biology, as well as the observation of the phenomenon of life as emerging from existence. Biological information is identified as the interface of Quantum Biology (uncertainty, Quantum Physics), between cell- and Microbiology...


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                          Rosalind Franklin. It's about time we gave some credit to the mother of the double-helix.   Image Courtesy: Cup of Jane, Facebook

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