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    • Oliver Thewalt

      TASI Lectures: Introduction to Cosmology

      These proceedings summarize lectures that were delivered as part of the 2002 and  2003 Theoretical Advanced Study Institutes in elementary particle physics (TASI)  at the University of Colorado at Boulder. They are intended to provide a  pedagogical introduction to cosmology aim...

      Tags: tasi lectures, cosmology, particel physics, string theory, hubble constant, friedman equation, dark matter, dark energy, thermodynamics, universe, inflation

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Dark matter and dark energy from Bose-Einstein condensate

        Tags: dark matter, dark energy, bose-einstein condensate, no big bang, universe no beginning

        • Oliver Thewalt

          The quest for Dark Matter, Topomatter and Symmetry within Maths and the Higgs Boson

          Is it possible that our Mathematics is related to white (ordinary) matter/energy especially? Is there a reason outside maths that you cannot solve a quintic equation (x^5) by radicals but by group theory? As this article states, symmetry is the reason! What if dark matter is different there? What...

          Tags: dark matter, antimatter, topomatter, space topology matter, higgs boson, mathematics, quintic equation, galois, pi, circle number, mathematics is incomplete

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Black Hole Lensing and Existence by holographic rear projection

            Black Hole Lensing (BHL) and Existence (Big Bang - as a phase of existence by inducing mass) by holographic rear projection (retrojection, or "Rückprojektion").Remark: I am no more talking about a rear projection, this post is uphold for historic reasons - the basic assertions have been in o...


            • Oliver Thewalt

              Gamma radiation bursts at SMBH

              According to the laws of physics, the speed of light is a fundamental barrier that cannot be broken - nothing is supposed to be able to travel faster than it. So astronomers were left baffled when they spotted powerful flashes of energy bursting out from the heart of a supermassive black hole at...

              Tags: Gamma radiation bursts, SMBH, super-massive-black-hole, dark matter, ftl, faster-than-light

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Some questions about the cause of gravity

                Questions: 1. Is gravity a force? 2. What do you think is the way mass is coming into existence within the quantum vacuum implying? 3. When you flip the observational plane and think about: What effect has micro gravity for the formation of planets, stars or galaxy clusters? 4. Does a magnet ...

                Tags: physics, ideas, einstein, general relativity, gravity, theories, discoveries, history, dark matter, gravitational waves, bicep, graviton, quantum gravity

                • Oliver Thewalt

                  Antimatter Thread Compilation - Discussion at Facebook - Part One

                  This is a copy of a post on my wall (Oliver Thewalt) at  Facebook   with comments.Oliver Thewalt mit John W. Rickey und 33 weiteren Personen 26. April 2013 · Saarbrücken ·  Michael Balmer, Quote: ”I am still amazed by the LHC (CERN) and that there is st...

                  Tags: antimatter, higgs-boson, anti-proton, equivalence of matter and antimatter, hydrogen, higgs-field, dark matter

                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    Antimatter Thread Compilation - Discussion at Facebook - Part four

                    coninued Antimatter Thread -  discussion on my wall (Oliver Thewalt) at Facebook Ulla Mattfolk I am well aware that GR is incomplete... 27. Dezember 2014 um 09:53 Ulla Mattfolk Ulla Mattfolk But dark matter must be 'climpy' as it is seen in gravity? And actually antimatte...

                    Tags: antimatter, cp-violation-anti-hydrogen, cause for gravity, einstein equivalence principle, equivalence matter antimater, higgs-field, dark matter, dirac equation, positron