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      Brief description: Theoretical Physics | Quantum Biology | Dark Matter Research | Energy Consulting | Creation of Hydrogen ATOM in the Higgs Field >> Vote for Nobel Prize



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        About Existence

        Existence is not as such, phases of existence and non-existence or mass and energy or matter and ghost virtuals tranisting...and space negatively charged, how can that be? antimatter or positron is shielded on qu...

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          Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynamics

          Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynamics are more appropriate concepts in order to model the infinity transition of matter and energy for a gravitationa...

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            Wimps by Michael Balmer

            ...s,but let’s go with it for a moment ,no matter how wrong it really is it i...eutrons as wWimps there by stating them to be Dark Matter by our own define of the hypo...atch it grow and the seed is the neutron/Wimp/Dark matter,Funny,we have ruled out...

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              Oliver Thewalt - About me - short Bio

              ...Silicon Photonics & QGate Layout | Microbiology | Quantum BiologyDark Matter Research by liberating the mind:   Talent enables education! Dark Matter Research Cluster -  VLSI...

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                Physicists offer explanation for diverse galaxy rotations

                ...e galaxy rotations "In the prevailing dark matter theory, called Cold Dark Matter or CDM, dark matter particl...different theory, the self-interacting dark matter model or SIDM, to show that d...collective unit. The self-interacting dark matter halo then becomes flexible en...

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                  NASA Simulation Suggests Black Holes May Make Ideal Dark Matter Labs

                  ...ggests Black Holes May Make Ideal Dark Matter Labs A new NASA computer simulation shows that dark matter particles colliding in the...oth black holes and the nature of dark matter, an elusive substance account...ggests-black-holes-may-make-ideal-dark-matter-labsFurther Reading: http://j...

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                    Higgs Field Theory

                    The Higgs is about the formation of elements (thanks Michael Balmer) &n...ring) e (DE)- Z (DM) Z(DM) equals N(MSQ 1) + Ve (MSQ 1) results in Matter Z(DM) results in N (MSQ 1) +Ve (MSQ 1)(matter) via string space (neg charge...



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                      Topological folding & bonding of #Higgs #String #Vacua in #outer #nuclear #shell #model of electron no #Higgs #boson

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                        Ramanujan and the matter creation process in the Higgs Field