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    • Oliver Thewalt

      TASI Lectures: Introduction to Cosmology

      These proceedings summarize lectures that were delivered as part of the 2002 and  2003 Theoretical Advanced Study Institutes in elementary particle physics (TASI)  at the University of Colorado at Boulder. They are intended to provide a  pedagogical introduction to cosmology aim...

      Tags: tasi lectures, cosmology, particel physics, string theory, hubble constant, friedman equation, dark matter, dark energy, thermodynamics, universe, inflation

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Zero Point Energy and Zero Point Field

        Tags: zero point energy, zero point field, zpe, zpf, casimir effect, sed, stochastic electrodynamics theory, dark energy

        • Oliver Thewalt

          Gravitational Field Equations and Theory of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

          Gravitational Field Equations and Theory of Dark Matter and Dark Energy Tian Ma, Shouhong Wang (Submitted on 22 Jun 2012 (v1), last revised 11 Jul 2012 (this version, v2)) The main objective of this article is to derive a new set of gravitational field equations and to establish a new uni...

          Tags: gravitational field equations, theory of dark matter, dark energy

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Dark energy is real, say astronomers

            Dark energy, a mysterious substance thought to be speeding up the expansion of the Universe is really there, according to a team of astronomers at the University of Portsmouth and LMU University Munich. After a two-year study led by Tommaso Giannantonio and Robert Crittenden, the scientists conc...

            Tags: dark energy

            • Oliver Thewalt

              Dark matter and dark energy from Bose-Einstein condensate

              Tags: dark matter, dark energy, bose-einstein condensate, no big bang, universe no beginning

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Euclid Definition Study Report

                Euclid is a space-based survey mission from the European Space Agency designed to understand the origin of the Universe's accelerating expansion. It will use cosmological probes to investigate the nature of dark energy, dark matter and gravity by tracking their observational signatures on the geo...

                Tags: euclid, dark energy, dark matter, cosmology, esa