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    • Moinak Banerjee

      Comment on "Cosmology by Leonard Susskind"

      Rest of the Videos by Prof. Susskind on Cosmology :

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      • Oliver Thewalt

        Dear professor Thewalt, good morning Associate Professor - Jorge Amado Institute, Federal University of Southern Bahia/UFSB . Gravitation and Cosmology (Ph.D. /University of Sussex/...




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          Halton C.Arp From High Redshift Galaxies to the Blue Pacific

          Tags: cosmology, halton c arp, galaxies, redshift, universe

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            Introduction to HIXGRID and the Advanced Science Approach

            The Science Network HIXGRID - developed by Neogrid e.V. - encourages Scientists, Knowledge Workers and everyone else interested in Science to share their knowledge (research documents, papers or files, photos or videos) in order to collaborate and develop (new) theories or to modify them. Technic...

            Tags: hixgrid, advanced science, science, emotional intelligence, holistics, analytics, peter higgs, theory of everything, quantum gravity, quantum physics, cosmology, neuroscience, brain, social network

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