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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynamics

      Time independent modelling: Scale invariance and shape dynam...cepts in order to model the infinity transition of matter and energy for a gravitationa...Scale, everything changes.

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Physics is not abolishing Religion

        Physics = Religion = institutionalized version of a natural belief in accordance to a...r to sustain life and the descandants of a species .....Those who pretend that physics will replace "religion", make...

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        • Oliver Thewalt

          Wimps by Michael Balmer

          Weakly Interacting Massive Particles &n...ace in the hearts and minds of physics,it makes some sense since DM...ten of most stupid aspects of physics,but let’s go with it for a moment ,no matter how wrong it really is it is a...ere by stating them to be Dark Matter by our own define of the hypot...

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            Awesome Physics Lectures

            These awesome Physics Lectures are recommended by Physics de Pristine:

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            • Oliver Thewalt

              Mind Anarcho Capital - Phase Transition by research and mind technology transfer

              ...overcome capital intensive investments in infrastructure - the beginning of the phase transition in the (condensed) matter world in a beyond 3D printing world  - condensed matter physics with metaphysical capability...

              • Oliver Thewalt

                About phases of matter and energy

                Zero is not a constant: the upper value of and real world, between phases of matter AND energy.   By an in...cates a threshold between energy and matter in an n-dimensional transitio...thing, try to create zero space? In physics zero does not mean nothing,...

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                • Oliver Thewalt

                  Lorentz-violating type-II Dirac fermions in transition metal dichalcogenide PtTe2

                  ...e research interests as host materials to condensed matter physics counterparts of Dirac and We...rmions originally proposed in high energy physics. Although Lorentz invariance...physics, it is not necessarily obeyed in condensed matter physics, and thus Lorentz-viol...

                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    A History of Dark Matter

                    Although dark matter is a central element of modern cosmology, the part of the dominant paradigm is often ignored or condensed into a brief anecdotical a...ments that led the scientific community to adopt dark matter...

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                    • Oliver Thewalt

                      Higgs Field Theory

                      The Higgs is about the formation of elements (thanks Michael Balmer)   N Z/e -> Ve/ e (DE)- Z (DM) Z(DM) equals N(MSQ 1) + Ve (MSQ 1) results in Matter Z(DM) results in N (MSQ 1) +Ve (MSQ 1)(matter)...




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                        Thanks to Physics de Pristine for the Physics Video Lectures, look at Videos :-)

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                          Physics does not exist but metaphysics - Metaphysics comprises physics, but there is no metaphysics without physics.

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