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      About Existence

      Existence is not as such, phases of existen... - electron and space negatively charged, how can that be? antimatter...hielded on quantum level (or positive charge identity?)...... no charge, and in time dependent model spin, charge and oscillation for the found...

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        Press Release: Link between the immune system and the brain - neuro-immune connections

        Neuro Immune Connections, MMR Vaccine, Autism and a CDC Whistleblower Scientists ha...g the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health o...

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          2 parallel tangents meet at infinity

          When 2 parallel tangents meet at infinity, they indicated the absolute zero of the q...verse Boltzmann distribution in a phase transition. This is where the negative charge identity is being attributed...

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            Depolitisierung des Nobelpreises

            Es ist höchste Zeit, Crick und Waston den Nobelpreis wegen deren Unf&...icise the Nobel Prize: „The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged Neutron in the Higgs Field&l...

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              Graphene on a boron nitride substrate

              Results of measuring graphene on a boron nitride substrat...the topography of the systems (back) and the local charge densities (front). Graphene extraordinarily flat, and inhomogeniety of local charge statesis is signicantly reduc...

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                From Moebius Strip to the Klein's bottle by Phillipe Roux

                by Phillipe Roux, Google Plus    From the Moebius strip to the Klein's bottle#KleinBottle is a...which fits perfectly to show 2D surfaces en 3 dimensions  using mesh and colors...

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                  Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater than losses, NASA study reports

                  A new NASA study says that an increase in Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is currently adding enough ice to the continent to outweigh the increased losses from its thinning glaciers.Read more at:

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                    Evolution of Supernova 1987A

                    Research published recently in the Astrophysical Journal attempts to shine a light on a long-standing mystery surrounding Supernova Remnant 1987A. Since 1992 the radio...

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                    • Oliver Thewalt

                      Higgs Field Theory

                      The Higgs is about the formation of element...H DM : Photon (MSQ) + Ve (MSQ) + N(uncharged/unused) Annihilation: Photo...(MSQ 1)(matter) via string space (neg charge) -e space Topo Higgs no DM AM. (shielding/no charge) no gain no loss (Einstein)...


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                        Bouguer Gravity

                        Gravity of the Moon's Crust. These maps of the moon show the "Bouguer" gravity anomalies as measured by NASA's GRAIL mission. Bouguer gravity is what remains from the g...

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                          Particle into matter interaction in the Higgs Field

                          Hydrogen Nuclear Configuration Shell Designation,Matter Sequence (1s1)/ that there is no neutron. The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged Neutron in the Higgs Field

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                          • Oliver Thewalt

                            Hydrogen creation in the Higgs Field

                            "We are observing phenomena with a common origin on an imprint in the exis...a phase transition"   The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged Neutron in the Higgs Field...


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                            • Oliver Thewalt

                              Foundation Pauli's excl. principle: positrons are not occupying the same space as electrons - by a different spin, oscillation and charge.

                              • Oliver Thewalt

                                Einstein has overlooked a tachyonic charge identity - a Black Hole to Photon "Bridge" - Gluons taping quarks in QCD