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    • Oliver Thewalt

      About Existence

      ...e  - electron and space negatively charged, how can that be? antimatter...shielded on quantum level (or positive charge identity?)...... no charge identity in  2D world sheet foldi...cles, and in time dependent model spin, charge and oscillation for the foundat...

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        IT - Energy Cluster for cavity state mediation

        A Sun-on-Earth approach for nucelar Fusion ist about rese...rom (higgs) string vacua foldings - BH states - BH identity- and electron nuclear shell m...seen-from-higgs-string-vacua-foldings-bh-states-bh-identity-and-electron-nuclear-shell-mo...

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        • Oliver Thewalt

          Energy and tachyonic states - from the antimatter to the Black Hole identity

 a quantum threshold to the antimatter (charge) identity-> Particles <->Bla...reshold (Planck, quanta) to the antimatter charge identity.      Mass is...e threshold of energy (matter - antimatter identity) to mass -  © ES...

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Phases of Existence and Non-Existence

            ...ntial in reference to the Euler identity (Geometry as a reference fr...avity is to include a tachyonic charge identity (positron) for mass and the...different spin, oscillation and charge respectively. This concept is i...ime is linked to a superluminal charge identity, oscillating quantum particle...

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            • Oliver Thewalt

              Equilibrium and stability of charged strange quark stars

              The hydrostatic equilibrium and the stability against radial perturbation of charged strange quark stars composed of a charged perfect fluid are studied. F...ation of state and the radial charge distribution follows a power-...orm to include the electrical charge. In order to appreciably affe...

              • Oliver Thewalt

                Dirac Zig Anti Zag

                Original handwritten Script made during a phone conversation between Michael Balmer, Montclair (USA) and...later summer 2012.   The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged...

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                • Oliver Thewalt

                  Higgs Field Theory

                  The Higgs is about the formation of elements (thanks Michael Balmer) &nbs...H DM : Photon (MSQ) + Ve (MSQ) + N(uncharged/unused) Annihilation: Photo...(MSQ 1)(matter) via string space (neg charge) -e space Topo Higgs no DM AM. (shielding/no charge)...



                  • Oliver Thewalt

                    Hydrogen creation in the Higgs Field

                    "We are observing phenomena with a common origin on an imprint in the existence phase of the quantum vac...a phase transition"   The Formation of Elements by assigning charge (E) and Mass (M) to an unused and uncharged...


                  • The Cavitation Theory Of Matter
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                    The Cavitation Theory Of Matter

                    By Oliver Thewalt
                    Expansion of the universe created the building blocks of matter. FAQ ... (For more details see: ) Q: According to this theory, what are photons and what is electric charge? A: The Schwarzschild...
                  • The Riddle of AntiMatter
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                    The Riddle of AntiMatter

                    By Oliver Thewalt
                    Watch this and other space videos at In high-res 1080p. Explores one of the deepest mysteries about the origin of our universe. According to standard theory, the early moments of the universe were marked by the explosive contact...
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                    • Oliver Thewalt

                      Einstein has overlooked a tachyonic charge identity - a Black Hole to Photon "Bridge" - Gluons taping quarks in QCD

                      • Oliver Thewalt

                        Inertia is within the antimatter identity and the foundation for Pauli's exclusion principle.

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                        • Oliver Thewalt

                          Antimatter Thread Compilation - Discussion at Facebook - Part Two

                          Continued antimatter thread compilation  ... Oliver Thewalt No need to apologize, Ted, this will need some time to arrive in the physics community .... 29. Juli 2013 um 13:26 · 1   Ulla Mattfolk Trust your observations, not your math Übersetzung anzeigen 29. Juli 2013 ...

                          Tags: antimatter, charge identity, dirac equation, anti-hydrogen, higgs-field, cp-violation, cpt asymmetry quantum level, equivalence principle, eintein field equations, cause for gravity, mass, matter creation, electro-wek force, photon, quantum foam, big bang, black hole, dirac

                          • Oliver Thewalt

                            FTL World View by a Quantum Non-Quantum Threshold

                            Summary for Students and CEOs There is no zero as such, when you want to explain phenomena which have no direct "FTL" connection, you may apply time dependent models, for instance when you explain the physics for car driving this is sufficient, but when you want to explain phenomena like gravity...


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