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    • Keno Nitro

      Die Wiederfindung der Natur

        Einleitung   Dieser Artikel ist den philosophisch-physikalischen Gedankenspielen großer Wissenschaftler, Künstler und Philosophen wie Albert Einstein, Hermann Hesse, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Max Planck, Werner Heißenberg und Isaac Azimov gewidmet. Menschen,...


      • Oliver Thewalt

        Applied Quantum Electro Dynamics

        This is a thought theory to be discussed - Think Tank and Brainstorming :-) Next Step in semiconductors: magneto-optical >Quantum and Gene computers > fast internet by splitting light into colors > Computing by #QED Space is not empty >space is full of energy >metastructure of sp...

        Tags: qed, quantum electro dynamics, metastructure, blueprint, empty space, quantum computer, gene computer, space drive, 100yss, darpa, icarus, tau zero foundation, daedalus, britisch astronomy society, nasa, cell

        • Administrator

          A Cell and the Universe

          We will never be able to describe the universe in a satisfactory way by mathematics. If this would be possible, human beings wouldn't exist.Quote "Physicist and author Michio Kaku has remarked that M-theory may present us with a "Theory of Everything" which is so concise that its underlying formu...

          Tags: cell, universe, metastructure, blueprint, embedded laws, mathematics, kaku, m-theory, theory of everything, unification of theory, toe