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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Black Hole to proton surfaces

      In physics, the interpretation of an equation equaling to zero means that the equation is true - but in 4 Vector Space, Ricci Metrics (Einstein-Hilbert Action), there is a tautology, as can be shown by studying Gauß: General investigations of curved surfaces of 1827 and 1825

      Tags: Black Hole Surfaces, proton surfaces, higgs string vacua foldings, fermion folding, carl friedrich gauss, tautology, lagrangian density, infinity, pauli spin shield, lie su groups, invariance, 2d world sheet, black hole ghost virtuals

      • Oliver Thewalt

        About Cancer

        Cancer: There is no programmed cell death - nature is neither programming nor decoding, cancer is an invention in order to control the population. #USAMRIID Cancer: on quantum level, there cannot be "programmed cell death". Cancer: What is aging? Cell division to happen?  Length of  T...

        Tags: cancer, programmed cell death, protein surface physics, cell division, telomer, carl friedrich gauss, host cell revolution, body mind interference

        • Oliver Thewalt

          No Apoptosis on quantum level

          Breaking: Cancer is an invention by Harvard medicsthere are malignant tumors, but this is something different. No outer infinity but an inner n-fractal infinity mediation - no expansion of the universe or why CalTech and Harvard are wrong about Physics and Biology.

          Tags: cancer, dengue, malignant tumor, apoptosis, programmed cell death, quantum level, carl friedrich gauss, protein surface physics, mediation of inner infinity, no prediction of pathogens

          • Oliver Thewalt

            Why observations by visible light are misleading and interpretations by p-values are debunked - Inner fractal Evolution Theory

            Observations by visible light are misleading about the attribution of cause and effect, because every microorganism and every particle or human being are unique and partly randomly and because the photon comes "into existence" at Black Hole to particle states (Horizons), this is why conclusions b...


            • Oliver Thewalt

              Carl Friedrich Gauß - Summenformel

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