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      Water has a Brain and is able to operate motors

      #Water has a Brain and is able to operate motors (german) Water can save information! #information #science #hixgrid #xprmnt

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        Hixgrid: Administrator's blog: Mathematics and the Holographic Universe

        Tags: holographic, universe, mathematics, time, brain, complex numbers

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          Introduction to HIXGRID and the Advanced Science Approach

          The Science Network HIXGRID - developed by Neogrid e.V. - encourages Scientists, Knowledge Workers and everyone else interested in Science to share their knowledge (research documents, papers or files, photos or videos) in order to collaborate and develop (new) theories or to modify them. Technic...

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            An Optogenetic Guide to the Brain

            Tags: optogenetic, brain, photonics

          • CLARITY Clears the Path to a See-Through Brain
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            CLARITY Clears the Path to a See-Through Brain

            By Oliver Thewalt
            A new approach to brain imaging called CLARITY could revolutionize how scientists study the brain. Researchers replaced a mouse brain's opaque fats with a clear gel that supports neural tissue, resulting in a transparent organ with all its internal...
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              Host microbiota constantly control maturation and function of microglia in the CNS.

              Abstract As the tissue macrophages of the CNS, microglia are critically involved in diseases of the CNS. However, it remains unknown what controls their maturation and activation under homeostatic conditions. We observed substantial contributions of the host microbiota to microglia homeostasis, ...

              Tags: host microbiota, microglia, cns, gut, microorganisms, brain, short-chain-fetty-acids, brain messengers, scfa, microbiota, alzheimer, parkinson, multiple sklerose

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                Brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels

                It’s a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching: researchers at the School of Medicine have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist. “I really did not believe there were structures in the bod...

                Tags: brain, immune system, vessels, lymphatic vessels

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                  VAXXED Documentary Explored with Filmmakers on Antidote

                  The controversial documentary VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe is explored with filmmakers Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree. We break down the vaccine debate as we look at the film’s fraud accusations against the CDC, the MMR vaccine controversy and the power of Big Pharma, in this unce...

                  Tags: mmr-vaccine, immune system, brain, immune response, cdc, whistleblower, dr andrew wakefield, social behavior, autism, early childhood

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                    Mind-altering microbes: how the microbiome affects brain and behavior: Elaine Hsiao at TEDxCaltech

                    Elaine Hsiao is a postdoctoral fellow in chemistry and biology at Caltech. She received her undergraduate degree in microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics from UCLA and her doctoral degree in neurobiology from Caltech with Professor Paul Patterson. She studied neuroimmune mechanisms ...

                    Tags: mind-altering microbes, microbiome, brain, elaine hsiao, vagotomy, intestinal epithelium, lactobacillus rhamosus, tedxcaltech, immune system, vagus nerve

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                      Donald Hoffman: Do we see reality as it is? How your brain constructs reality

                      #Donald #Hoffman: Do we see #reality as it is? How your #brain constructs reality   I doubt that this is our brain which is mostly for movement coordination, activating cell activity (body functi...

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