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    • Oliver Thewalt

      Of Facts

      or why science is not about nature: There cannot be facts in nature, existence needs non-existence, the dote needs the antidote, it is about a transition or phase transition, energy scaling and motion, oscillation, vibration, life ..... noone was asking me why I was citing Gauß? Invarian...

      Tags: facts, transition, invaraiance, fermions, bosons, symmetry, asymmetry, surface physics, non-linear energy binding, bonding, folding, energy scaling, existence, non-existence, dote, antidote

      • Oliver Thewalt

        Why observations by visible light are misleading and interpretations by p-values are debunked - Inner fractal Evolution Theory

        Observations by visible light are misleading about the attribution of cause and effect, because every microorganism and every particle or human being are unique and partly randomly and because the photon comes "into existence" at Black Hole to particle states (Horizons), this is why conclusions b...